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Engage, Encourage, & Excel: Mentorship Power

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding opportunities is found in networking with powerful professional business women & leaders. Whether transitioning, established, or aspiring, these incredible women of diverse ethnic backgrounds, dreams, desires, and accomplishments are on a mission to excel in the area of their calling. It was an honor to be counted among such a group last night.

The flavorful mixed vibe of excitement and expectation was hovering over a local cafe that permitted their spot to be reserved as our spot to commingle as we exchanged our personal vision for impacting the world. We were a lively group of local women in various stages and ages supporting and encouraging each other. Every fourth Tuesday of the month, from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, the Women of Toledo host this life-changing M.O.M event, (Mentoring on the Moments). If you're familiar with speed dating, then you will easily grasp the concept of this amazing experience. I had the opportunity to meet women from around the globe such as Egypt, Iran, and Asia. I was able to hear their stories, and challenges and I was able to provide guidance and help develop an action plan... all within 6 minutes!! I poured into these women who in turn poured into me.

This mentoring and networking opportunity reminded me of 3 critical leadership principles:

1. Engagement - consistent interaction with others sharpens and broadens your perspective. Hearing the story connected to someone's "why" brings clarity and understanding. It enhances communication.

2. Encouragement - Everyone needs to be encouraged and it costs you nothing to give it. When you encourage others not only is there's a boomerang effect but it often spreads throughout your organization unleashing a harmonious and more productive work environment.

3. Excellence - "Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well"- John W. Gardner I have a motto, " excel and do well." It's about paying attention to details without losing sight of the purpose and ensuring that you include everyone in the pursuit.


Live 4 Change, LLC - Updates:

The "Bust the FUDS" digital audio series is still available. It's time out for making decisions with uncertainty and doing things afraid. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt syndrome (FUDS) is something that must be acknowledged and eliminated to break stagnation and lead an organization forward. This leadership development training series contains many tools and a workbook that you can download and use as often as you need. There are 10 short audio sessions designed to walk you through the workbook. There are tools strategically incorporated to use for personal professional growth and for your team. It also has a 30-day digital journal for you to use as a platform for creating a daily process of busting the FUDS. Click on the picture to learn more.

I'm on the move in March! Ladies let's connect in LA! I will be in the Los Angeles area March 14 - 17th. Let's meet up in LA and come hear a group of phenomenal women share their personal stories that's launched businesses, ministries, and more! I have a jaw-dropping story that will truly empower you to be a fearless leader... no matter what!!

Live 4 Change, LLC and ExousiaPower Ministries will join with Dr. Patricia Bailey and her team to empower, teach, train, and minister to South African women in business, leadership, ministry and more.


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