What Does Success Look Like?

"Success requires no apologies , failure permits no alibis" - Napoleon Hill. This is such a profound quote. The question that comes to mind is will you choose to live life unapologetically? Will you use failure as a stepping stone towards success? WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? As a leader, what does it look like? As an entrepreneur, what does it look like? Does it look the same in every area of your life or does it change based on what you do? Does success change with the seasons? Is it driven by age, geographical location? What is success and is it relevant to pursue or is success an illusion? What does success look like through the eyes of some one who is in transition? Check out my you tub

The Experience is About Consistency Not Frequency

What is the experience you desire to give your customers or your clients? What encounter do you want them to have when they engage with you ? What level of consistency will you produce for them? I’m talking about creating an experience of consistency for your clients/customers/congregants or whomever you serve. Just remember, consistency is not frequency there is a difference. Confusing the two can be detrimental to your reputation. I invite you to checkout my latest podcast on Anchor. Just click this link Experience: Consistency is NOT Frequency Also, if you are interested in purchasing the book, Eat More Chikin Inspire More People click the link below. The "Time 2 Get R.E.A.L. Executive

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