Good All Over - S³ : A Sustainable Strategies Segment

There are 12 days left in this year. Many of us have been evaluating the chain of events that have occurred in this year. Let me add to your assessments, 'have you been good?" No, this is not a Santa Claus- naughty- or- nice question. Ok, let me ask the question this way, "are you good?"To clarify even further, " Have you been a good manager this year?" This question is for leaders specifically. Managers don't always make good leaders, but good leaders must be good managers. I believe this wholeheartedly. Do we exemplify good stewardship in ever area of our lives? The catalyst behind this article comes from my spiritual mentor, Dr. Patricia Bailey (in photo, far left), Patricia Bailey Mi

​​Elimination Before Elevation: S³ Sustainable Growth Strategy ​ ​

Hello and Welcome December! !In the past I have written several blogs and articles about specific sustainability topics and issues that pertain to organizations such as water equity, strategic organizational alignment, the importance of analytics, the circular economy, and social responsibility issues such as the Charlottesville episode in August and how some businesses in that area teamed up and made a few decisions to protect their community and their businesses. I decided, however, to niche down my focus because sustainability issues in organizations are very broad and I don't want to imply I am capable of being all things environmentally sustainable to all businesses. I was all over the

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