S³ Sustainable Strategies Segment: LEECHES, LEAKS, and LESSONS LEARNED -

When we think about the beautiful places to go and spend time, relaxing, vacationing, and simply partaking of the comfort we seek, most of the time it involves water. Many of us have a daily routine of making coffee or tea, brushing our teeth, bathing, and getting our 1 gallon of water consumption without any thought about the source of the water we use. Last week I had the privilege of participating in the River Rally 2017 conference as one of the workshop speakers. The event was held in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, MI, and the hotel where the event was held was directly across from the Grand River of Michigan. This event was an eye-opening experience that has influenced the focus o

S³- Sustainable Strategies Segment: Global Ethics- Doing What You Know is Right No Matter What!

What does ethics look like in your organization? Is ethical behavior an exception or an expectation in your organization? Do your employees understand the company’s code of ethics? Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integrated into the fabric of how you do business? Sustainability is no longer a part of a “green movement” nor is it only about taking care of the planet. Being sustainable is a behavior that is integrated into the culture of an organization. It’s about how an organization care for its employees. It’s about being profitable, but also about how profits are generated and is the organization’s purpose part of the impetus behind the profits.Sustainability is about reflecting t

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