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Leaders Who Love:   A Love-Centric Leadership (LCL) Model

”Those who lead through love don’t just change the culture they’re in; they change the world.” Perry Noble, The Most Excellent Way to Lead: Discover the Heart to Great Leadership

February is that special month often referred to as the “love month.” It’s expected to hear conversations about how couples celebrate their love towards each other through acts of giving and showering each other with love notes, gifts, dinners, ooey-gooey displays of affection and the like. But how common is it for leaders to show their employees how much they love them? Of course, it’s going to be different than couples. It’s different than the love you have towards parents and siblings. It’s even different than the love you have for your pets but still relevant in the workplace.

With so much buzz about the “ employee experience”, wouldn’t part of the ultimate experience be that of knowing your boss loves you? Not the eros, or philia type of love but the altruistic, universal, compassionate love. The agape love that freely demonstrates acts of kindness and genuine concern for the wellbeing of employees. Transformational, authentic, servant type leaders exude this agape, benevolent kind of love. It has nothing to do with religion although many Christians believe agape love is the love God has for his people. No matter how you look at it, this whole love your employees make many leaders uncomfortable. After all its risky right? Shift your perspective and focus on the vision you have for your organization. You'll see it's less about how it makes you feel and more about how you make them feel.

Build a Love-Centric Leadership (LCL) Culture

I recall going to a popular restaurant in my city for breakfast. As I was waiting to be seated I was thinking about what I wanted to eat. Somehow I was positioned where I could hear what was happening in the kitchen. I heard cussing and plates being slammed on the counter. I heard sneezing ... open mouth. I was no longer eagerly anticipating what to eat. Now, if I didn’t hear all the commotion I would have sat down and possibly enjoyed my food, after all, how often do we hear what’s going on in the kitchen of a restaurant before our food is served to us? But, there’s something to be said about perception, mindset, and outcomes. I no longer felt my food would taste good or that it would be prepared with care, or even safe to eat! Now, I not only love to eat but I love to cook. However, I only want to cook, from a place of love because I’m most likely to do my best. If I cook when I’m angry or upset, I’m not as focused as I should be and I might forget an ingredient or overcook or undercook something. The outcome typically isn’t as good if my headspace was more conducive to achieving the desired outcome. The same analogy applies to an LCL work environment.

The adage “happy wife happy life” is not limited to a healthy thriving household but is applicable in the workplace. An LCL model encourages desirable workplace behaviors which may result in employees who are:

  1. Loyal

  2. Attentive to their work detail

  3. Comfortable to have open honest dialogue

  4. Engaging

  5. Creative

  6. Respectable and

  7. Ethical

An LCL model establishes an organizational culture that is receptive to critical feedback without fear of punishment or embarrassment because of a trusting relationship between employees and leaders. Employees will believe leaders have their best interests at heart in an LCL culture and organizational effectiveness can be optimized in an atmosphere that is genuine, nurturing, and life-giving instead of depletion of energy, exhaustive, stressful and toxic. A love-centric leader creates a space where grace is extended. Grace is the psychological safety net that encourages an exchange of ideas

and work-related activities with the freedom to make mistakes without judgment and beratement.

So, the question is are you able and or willing to show your employees love? It can be a thankless yet very rewarding opportunity to empower and edify your employees. It may mean placing their needs above your own, but the desired result of greater customer experience, increase in revenue, and consistent growth can yield an immeasurable ROI that supersedes any potential risk. They are worth it!


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