Every Day is Earth Day!

I hope you are enjoying Earth Day. This is a day of reflection for me. My mother's birthday is today, she passed away a few years ago, my sister's wedding anniversary is today, and memories of how my former organization used to engage the community in celebrating this day are events that come to mind. However, embracing earth day is something to behold because for 47 years, people world-wide have agreed this day is a day to collectively embrace. This is a day of awareness. We purposefully are attuned to how our ecosystems are affected by the economic systems of man. It's a designated day when the world acknowledges that for the sake of our children's future and quality of life, we must mak

How Well Did You Perform? Can You Prove It?

It’s the beginning of now the second (2nd) quarter of 2017 and many of you are analyzing the data, right? Many organizational leaders have already or soon will, sit down with their teams and measure projections against actual achievements. You will evaluate the goals you’ve set against the ones accomplished and make the necessary adjustments for this new quarter. So, my question is, “how did your sustainability efforts fare?” What metrics do you use and are they appropriate not only for measuring your sustainability efforts but for your organization as a whole? Today we’re going to review the what, why, and how to maximize analytics in our organizations, especially sustainability efforts. Wh

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