Collaboration: The Secret Sauce

The power of collaboration is immeasurable. Whether you’re a startup or an established business or whether you're a solopreneur or a MNC, collaborative partnerships empower your brand by opening doors of opportunities that typically won't be available without the collaborative partnership. No one entity can do all things. One reason we exist is for the enjoyment of community and working with others. A most effective way for an organization to grow is through collaboration. All parties bring their expertise to the table and create a plan that leverages these skills and talents; filling gaps that are impossible or improbable to fill separately. Unfortunately, a poorly structured partnership c

IT’S World Environment Day!

The Focus: Plastic Pollution Plastics, plastics, everywhere! Think 🤔 about how much plastic we consume! It’s in everything! Our makeup, toothpaste, clothes. And those plastic water bottles... a nightmare! Fact: *over 90% are not recycled. * I love fish, especially salmon, however, 38 million pieces of plastics are found in the Pacific Ocean. * This means our fish, shrimp, mussels, salmon, and other food sources, are consuming microplastics. * In Thailand, over the weekend (June 1) a whale died of starvation and was found with approx. 20 lbs. of plastic bags and plastic trash in its belly. I wonder how much plastic we’ve consumed and what damage its causing in our bodies? * Microplastics con

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