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IT’S World Environment Day!

The Focus: Plastic Pollution

Plastics, plastics, everywhere! Think 🤔 about how much plastic we consume! It’s in everything! Our makeup, toothpaste, clothes. And those plastic water bottles... a nightmare!


*over 90% are not recycled.

* I love fish, especially salmon, however, 38 million pieces of plastics are found in the Pacific Ocean.

* This means our fish, shrimp, mussels, salmon, and other food sources, are consuming microplastics.

* In Thailand, over the weekend (June 1) a whale died of starvation and was found with approx. 20 lbs. of plastic bags and plastic trash in its belly. I wonder how much plastic we’ve consumed and what damage its causing in our bodies?

* Microplastics contain minuscule toxins that are released in our bodies and they attack our organs.

* Plastics are highly toxic and are attractors of other toxins.

* Our earth, the people,and economy,(the triple bottom line; sustainability)are threatened by this one pollutant, plastic.


* Think twice before purchasing bottled water.

* Think about your conferences, meetings, workshops, and look for an alternative to providing bottled water.

* Look for alternatives to using plastics.


Live 4 Change, LLC is a Christian-based, global strategic sustainability consultancy. We serve our clients through leadership and organizational development. we serve is by working with decision-makers to help create a (CSR)corporate social responsibility strategy that will enhance your sustainability efforts and optimize operational efficiency. Click the link @ live4changellc, or schedule an appointment for a free strategy session.

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