S³- Sustainable Strategies Segment: Strategic Alignment and Sustainability

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT & SUSTAINABILITY What comes to mind when you hear the word alignment? In an Instagram post last week, I discussed the importance of organizational alignment. I emphasized the significance of how our personal lives must align with the principles of God (those of us who believe and adhere to His word). When we are not intentional about lining up with God’s systems, such as His way of doing what’s right, exercising justice; our lives are misaligned and stress overtakes us. Alignment is everything! I remember being a chiropractic assistant years ago, and one thing I learned was how stress impacts the body. A few associations with stress: Stress will cause imbalances in the b

My Sustainable Story- Just a little

Hello everyone! So here's my first attempt at vlogging. Yes it's obvious I edited this myself, however, I had to give this a try to gain the full experience of creating a vlog. I ask for forgiveness in advance... I may have rambled a little, but my message came through and that's what's important. Everyone of us have a story that shapes us, propels us, and dares us to make a difference. I have more to share and will do so in the future. Just remember this...sustainable living matters and it's a choice. From what we eat, to what we buy. From where we live, to how we operate our businesses all is affected by the decisions we make. I just want to offer you a different perspective. I hope to p

Begin with a VISION! - 5 Attributes of Sustainable Leaders

There is an awakening that is taking place in our country and around the world. Sustainability is no longer a “feel good” practice to be entertained occasionally, but it’s rapidly growing into a business standard and a way of life for most of us. Leaders of various organizations are embracing and implementing sustainable initiatives. It’s no longer a multinational corporation’s responsibility nor is it relegated to tree huggers and “green people” (not Martians) only. Sustainability is permeating ever entity. It doesn't matter if you're a church leader, a non-profit leader, multinational entity, or a solopreneur, if you are not engaged in sustainable activities you will be left behind. Now i

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