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My Sustainable Story- Just a little

Hello everyone! So here's my first attempt at vlogging. Yes it's obvious I edited this myself, however, I had to give this a try to gain the full experience of creating a vlog. I ask for forgiveness in advance... I may have rambled a little, but my message came through and that's what's important. Everyone of us have a story that shapes us, propels us, and dares us to make a difference.

I have more to share and will do so in the future. Just remember this...sustainable living matters and it's a choice. From what we eat, to what we buy. From where we live, to how we operate our businesses all is affected by the decisions we make. I just want to offer you a different perspective. I hope to provide you with facts and information that will compel you to re-think your decisions. What you do and how you live really does have an impact and makes a difference in this world.

Please, if you are gaining anything beneficial from these blogs and would like to learn more about sustainability and how to operate your business more sustainably, please contact me.

I would love to hear from you. Also checkout my website! I need some feedback, let me know what you think!

E. Michelle Mickens, CEO

Live 4 Change, LLC

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