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Don't Allow the Hybrid to Get Rid of Your Existing Corporate Culture - 5 Keys to Initiate Change

Just as you've mustered the confidence to fully reopen your workspaces, after carefully examining the pros and cons, and after painstakingly upgrading the safety and security systems and protocols for these spaces, surpassing OSHA guidelines, a flood of team resistance infiltrate your inbox and voicemail. Even quiet voices loudly object to another change. One of the greatest fears CEOs face today is glaring at them, how do I protect our company culture and support the hybrid/remote teams? You can't allow them to sabotage the existing corporate culture so what to do? Change the culture of your organization. Yes, perhaps it's time to redefine how your organization functions to meet its objectives and engage employees while fully serving its clients, after all, you survived the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 -21. Clearly you are very resilient and have the capability and agility to navigate your organization to adapt to a culture overhaul that will benefit the entire organization no matter where your teams work.

After roughly two years of evaluating the stamina of your organization and its ability to adjust to rapid complicated change in a short timeframe, now is the best time to recalibrate and restructure your workplace culture as you forge ahead with planning for the future of your organization. Since we know we cannot (and maybe should not) go back to how things were BC that is, before COVID-19, let's look at implementing a few change strategies that will enhance the well-being of your employees and increase the efficiency and performance of your organization as you focus on the future.

Here are 5- Fundamental Keys that will help facilitate the change you desire to have throughout your organization and all its workspaces:

  1. Reassess and Clarify the Vision for your Company. Based on your organization's current status, d?o the KPIs and outcomes align with the vision now or is their a subtle directional shift that developed as a result of keeping doors open? Are you still moving in the right direction?

  2. Create a Clear Communication Framework- expand modes of communication and over communicate the culture message. It's easy for people to lose sight of their commitment and shared vision especially if the vision and values are obscured with all the rapid changes. Now is the time to listen to each department and determine if everyone is conveying the same message to all stakeholders. When you have a remote or hybrid team, it's even more essential to ensure there are no disruptions in the flow of information. Miscommunication can infect the workplace culture and spread quickly.

  3. Establish a Wellness Component to include psychological safety, strong DEI strategies, mental, physical, emotional, social & financial systems. COVID-19 reminded us all of the importance to take care of ourselves holistically. This means removing stigmas and releasing bias that adversely impacts the functionality of your team members. Communication of a wellness plan highlighting the benefits of each segment will reduce costly health associated expenditures in the future.

  4. Metrics & Employee Engagement - The values of the organization should be connected to the KPIs of all employees, at all levels, wherever they are working. Employees need to see how KPIs fit into the fabric of the culture of the organization. The KPI metrics need to be part of an overall means to gauge the success of employees reaching their goals. This needs to be an iterative process that encourages employee feedback and flexibility.

  5. Weed & Seed- with the Great Resignation comes the opportunity for organizations to do their own Great Reset and reevaluate key positions and roles, KPIs, and the resistors. Who are the ones who need to be released, weeded, from their position due to succession or insubordination? There's no need to hold onto those resisting to change when there are qualified persons who may be a better fit for the organization. Identify toxic behaviors now to eliminate these individuals from contaminating others and seeping the sewage into the culture of your organization. By the way, allowing them to WFH is not a resolution. Now is a good time to consider downsizing roles that no longer fit the new narrative that has blossomed.

These 5- Fundamental Culture Change Steps should help you initiate the change you know is needed for your company to grow and keep moving forward. By no means are these steps exhaustive, however, if you know this is something you want to engage your company in to keep it healthy or to create a healthy workplace culture , Live 4 Change, LLC is here for you.

Live 4 Change, LLC is a strategic global leadership development consulting company designed to assist with organizational culture change that is challenging to implement. We help bring transformational change in the lives of leaders and their organizations. We equip C-suite executives, managers, emerging and experienced leaders with the right tools through the leadership development system, Be 4 R.E.A.L. Leadership Series™, a division of Live 4 Change, LLC. Through Be 4 R.E.A.L. we offer experienced-based consulting, coaching, workshops & training programs, digital products, and more.

Live 4 Change, LLC services are designed to:

* address leadership and organizational gaps

* improve performance

* increase productivity

* Increase profits and support leaders

* Help leaders fulfill their purpose

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