Game Changer or Deal Breaker?

Shhh…. If this ever got out, if anyone really knew the truth, this would be a game changer! Actually, this could be a deal-breaker. Leaders who lead in fear! A most undesirable mindset is fear, uncertainty, and doubt that has run amuk. We would like to believe that leaders have it all together. We desire leaders who exercise high EQ (emotional intelligence) and mental- toughness, but have you seen our political leaders lately? Currently, in the United States, our government is partially shut-down and both parties are being relentless about their position. They may think they are showing how “right” they are about what they want, but an underlying issue is  related to the FUD Syndrome. What i

“You’ve Got to Get Over the F.U.D.S.”

Happy New Year! I trust all is well as you continue to plan for 2019! Above is a vlog about the F.U.D.S. (fear, uncertainty, & doubt syndrome). This clip is to encourage you. I recognize everyone isn't ready for this new year! Many are apprehensive about whatthings that are totally out of your control. However, there is one thing that can be controlled and that is how we Going into this new year I want you to focus on your mindset. Please watch ( YouTube is merciless, mouth is wide-open and I haven't figured out how to change that view) and share with others you know who are already struggling with 2019. For those who haven't downloaded the free worksheet, please feel free to do so at bit.l

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