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The Abrupt Disrupt - Being Resilient in Times Like These

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” Booker T. Washington

For weeks I have been asking this question, “ARE YOU READY?” VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) & the FUDS (fear, uncertainty, & doubt )Syndrome are nothing new. The major change however is the WHAT. WHAT IS CAUSING A DISRUPTION IN YOUR ORGANIZATION? How are you responding to the what (or are you reacting to it)? How do you keep moving in the mounting minutia? How do you manage your emotions? In a nutshell, how can you be resilient in times like these? Especially in the wake of the coronavirus, COVID-19, that has challenged how we deal with a crisis, how well are you leading your organization?

This article is not about COVID-19, but it is about how you strengthen your resolve and your resiliency in a crisis. It's about positioning you to be more effective as you strengthen your team while forging ahead. Here are five (5) attributes of a Resilient Leader:

  1. Mindset - the word that comes to mind is sisu (pronounced say-sue) which is Finnish for grit, determination, bravery, perseverance, tenacity, and RESILIENCE. Resilient leaders display a resolve of being steadfast in the face of adversity. Their attitude is “we are going to get through this!” The mindset of this type of leader is that of a strategist ready to layout a plan of action. They not only believe they will survive, but they are plotting out how to thrive. Threats are seen as opportunities. Resilient leaders have a made up mind to win.

  2. Communication - resilient leaders are great communicators. How are you informing your team on the next steps? This is vitally important especially in times of a crisis. It’s okay not to know all the steps but letting your employees know what you are doing to assure them that you are with them and are looking out for them brings a level of calm even if all the details are not clear. Communicate through a variety of mediums and do it frequently.

  3. EQ/SQ quotient - (emotional and social intelligence) resilient leaders have both a keen sense of self-awareness and self-regulation, as well as an awareness of others, specifically their employees, and their feels. Because resilient leaders effectively utilize interpersonal competencies, they know how to regulate the emotions of others. They are motivators and are empathetic towards their teams.

  4. Purpose - resilient leaders, especially during a crisis, reconnect with their purpose. Sometimes in the midst of chaos, you lose sight of your why. Why are you the leader of this organization? Take advantage of the opportunity to remind your team of their purpose and their value. They need you and you need them. Purpose is the conduit for endurance during uncertainty.

  5. Identity - the crisis is not who you are, even if by chance it's your fault. Resilient leaders discover how to recover from mistakes, learn from them, reevaluate the situation and then re-strategize. Adversity or crisis can incite fear which can cloud vision. Reconnect with who you are and what you see in you, that is your vision of yourself. If you come to a realization that something about you must change then make the change. Change allows us to grow into the person we desire to become. Be unashamedly authentic.

Resilient leaders reinforce what they believe and value in the face of adversity. When a crisis comes they will not be dominated by fear. Resilient leaders are confident and courageous. Although they are not super-heroes, they possess a victorious outlook that is contagious. These leaders press past fear by fortifying their faith. They survive fires and floods, and other hardships yet are not destroyed because of their determination to accomplish their endeavors. Resilient leaders empower others by fortifying their teams to become more confident during a crisis. They focus on the future and move their organizations accordingly.


Maybe right about now you are not feeling resilient. The whole COVID-19 scare has shaken you or caused you to face a solemn reality that you're not as prepared emotionally and mentally as you would like to be. Live 4 Change, LLC understands this dilemma that many leaders face and are often too ashamed or afraid to address. We have created the Bust the FUDS (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt Syndrome) Digital Audio Series with you in mind. If you are:

1. Ready to shift from feeling vulnerable to being empowered

2. Ready to be proactive and not reactive to what's trending in their industry that disrupting your organization and/or

3. Ready to create a plan of action for yourself and your team that leads to true transformation and

4. RESULTS... this audio series is for you.

You will receive audio sessions that cover topics such as:

  • The impact of the F.U.D.S. on leadership and their stakeholders

  • Identifying antibodies and how to eliminate them from your organization

  • Mindset traps

  • Planning tools to reduce and eliminate the F.U.D.S. such as scenario analysis

  • and more!

You will also get an interactive digital workbook, a free 30 day F.U.D.S. Busting Journal and the leadership development book, When Purpose Exceeds Profits. To learn more click here .

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