S³- Sustainable Strategies Segment: "Recycle, Regenerate, Restore & Renew"

It’s Spring!!! I am so enamored with the changing of the seasons. With every new season, there's a renewal of expectation and greater opportunities. In light of this month being Women's History Month, I wanted to gear the focus of my blog to acknowledge some of the work and conversations women across the global have had concerning sustainability and the value of a circular economy. This blog is perhaps a part 2 to my previous blog about the circular economy. For thousands of years across the global women have been innovative. The idea of a circular economy truly is nothing new. When there are lack and scarcity, women, in particular, found creative ways to use and reuse anything they could g

S³- Sustainable Strategies Segment: Around and Around Again

[endif]--When we hear the word circular, we immediately think of a circle; a continuous shape with no beginning and no end. Imagine what happens when we use our natural resources, it serves a purpose, then we find another purpose for it, and its use is endless. Now, I know you’re thinking I’m just using another word for recycling, but actually, this is recycling on steroids! I’m talking about a circular economy. This sustainability principle shifts how manufacturing businesses do business. A linear economy, which is in direct contrast with a circular economy, traditionally, would extract raw materials from the earth, and after it served it’s often short life span, would be buried back into t

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