Do you Have Dominion Within? 5 Keys to Unlock the Power of Self-Leadership

A measure of a great leader is the ability to lead her/himself. If you cannot manage and lead yourself, how well can you do the same for others? So,what is self-leadership? Primarily it pertains to the ability to be keenly aware of yourself, that is, knowing your likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness, and knowing how to maintain balance or temperance. Self- leadership involves the ability to lead oneself through self-motivating processes to complete difficult and often challenging tasks. It’s an ability to stay focused, maintain endurance, and perform well.[1] Self-awareness is the basis for self-leadership and like emotional intelligence, requires self-regulation of emotions and anything th

Create Your Future: The Power of Foresight

… “If we do not take charge and responsibility for what we desire in life, someone else or circumstances will do it for us…” Steven Covey Summer is a few weeks away! Soon the rich luscious Kelly-green grass and the Marigolds, Lilacs, Asters, Hydrangeas, and Freesia will be in full bloom. The smells of barbecued foods will fill the air, children will be outside playing, and people will be out and about enjoying this wonderful season! We have the capability of envisioning summer and defining what it will look like in advance of its arrival. This is how we begin to exercise the power of foresight. Many people began preparing for summer during the winter and off-season months. Department stores

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