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Every Day is Earth Day!

I hope you are enjoying Earth Day. This is a day of reflection for me. My mother's birthday is today, she passed away a few years ago, my sister's wedding anniversary is today, and memories of how my former organization used to engage the community in celebrating this day are events that come to mind. However, embracing earth day is something to behold because for 47 years, people world-wide have agreed this day is a day to collectively embrace. This is a day of awareness. We purposefully are attuned to how our ecosystems are affected by the economic systems of man. It's a designated day when the world acknowledges that for the sake of our children's future and quality of life, we must make significant changes in how we live in this world today.

We thank Gaylord Nelson for planting the seed April 22, 1970 and making Earth Day the massive movement that it has grown to become today. Social groups such as elementary schools, high schools, universities, churches and other civic groups are doing tremendous work from planting community gardens, educational forums, to various demonstrations centered on the importance of valuing and protecting our planet. So, this blog is geared towards us individually. I want to encourage you to keep the movement moving. Everyone of us in small ways can make monumental improvements by deciding to daily make incremental changes.

Here are a few simple things we can decide to regularly do:

  • you can save 💵and reduce your carbon footprint by unplugging small appliances, like coffeemakers and microwaves

  • Using powerstripes and unplugging computers, fax machines, and VCRs, then turning off the powerstripes every night helps protect the planet. You're savings can be 10% or more per yr on your electric bill. You help improve the quality of your life and your family and you keep more money in your pocket. That's the triple-bottomline impact of sustainability.

These are just a few simple changes we can make for long-term benefits. By paying attention to our carbon footprints and our water footprints, we can begin to transition from wasting to flourishing by sustaining and improving our quality of life now and for our children. As we reflect on the various changes that significantly impacts our lives, from cradle to death and all life events in between, let's choose to be better environmental stewards so our children can have joyfully days of reflection.


LIVE 4 CHANGE, LLC is a global strategic sustainability consulting firm designed to assist businesses/ organizations achieve transformational change through incorporating sustainability principles. Through consultancy and leadership development, we will help transition you from where you are now, to where you desire to be.

Let me know how you are making sustainable changes. Connect with me:

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