Our Vision

Live 4 Change, LLC is designed to bring transformation to you and your organization through strategies, structure, and systems that will help you achieve triple-bottom-line results. Through incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and global leadership responsibility (GLR) practices and standards, your organization will improve its brand while protecting the planet, the people (employees, stakeholders, global partnerships) and profit. Live 4 Change, LLC helps you establish a sustainability culture that will enhance your competitive advantage. We transition you from where you are to where you want to be as an organization.

Our Purpose and Process

Live 4 Change, LLC recognizes the lack of effective leaders and ethical leadership especially as it pertains to sustainability practices. Although more multinational corporations (MNC) are embracing transparency and are being more socially responsible, there is an insufficient supply of sustainable leaders. Major corporations are reporting their sustainability efforts, yet there is still a tremendous gap, especially among SMEs adopting these measures. Through sustainability assessment tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), benefit-cost analysis, risk assessments, and place-based assessments, Live 4 Change, LLC will help organizations identify their current environmental impacts and help create necessary changes to become more efficient, effect and competitive, starting with leadership. Live 4 Change, LLC uses other assessment tools for organization development (OD) such as Myer’s Briggs, Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument OCAI), and leadership assessment tools such as feedback-intensive programs i.e. 360 Degree Feedback Leadership Assessment, and the like. Live 4 Change, LLC take a comprehensive approach to resolving complex problems.

Our Values

We believe in living sustainably in every facet of our lives, even in our business. Live 4 Change, LLC stands on Godly principles, led by God’s Spirit, governed by His Holy Word. Live 4 Change, LLC acknowledges God as the creator of sustainability. Live 4 Change, LLC believes that we all must be good stewards of this planet entrusted by God into our care. Focused on organizational structure, design, systems, and processes, we will help your organization synergistically and seamlessly merge leadership and sustainability operating systems into the fabric of your business.

As Organizational Development (OD) professionals, Live 4 Change, LLC has adopted the OD professional’s values pledge some are listed here:

1)    quality of life – people being satisfied with their whole life experience; 

2)     health, human potential, empowerment, growth, and excellence – people being healthy, aware of the fullness of their potential, recognizing their power to bring that potential into being, growing into it, living it, and, generally, doing the best they can with it, individually and collectively; 

3)     freedom and responsibility – people being free and responsible in choosing how they will live their lives; 

4)     justice – people living lives whose results are fair and right for everyone; 

5)     dignity, integrity, worth and fundamental rights of individuals, organizations, communities, societies, and other human systems; 

6)     all-win attitudes and cooperation – people caring about one another and about working together to achieve results that work for everyone, individually and collectively; 

Live 4 Change, LLC also follow the Ethical Guidelines for Organizational Development Professionals.[1]

[1]Desarrollo Organizacional en Latinoamérica - OD Institute. Retrieved from

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