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Check Yourself! Don't Wreck Yourself!

Human resources leaders are firing employees for poor behavior even though it's done on their personal time, on their social media platforms. I recently read an article, " Firing for Online Behavior", published by SHRM @ I began to think how vitally important it is, especially as leaders, to behave in a manner that represents the person we desire to be, as often as we can. I understand how we behave at home is not the same as we behave at work, church, and other social gatherings, but our character should be the same. Character-building is an ongoing necessity that, if left unchecked, can derail our ability to lead and damage our brand. Our character shapes our behavior.

One primary reason Rosanne Barr was fired from her show by ABC was because of damage control. ABC didn't want there to be any association between Rosanne Barr's inappropriate behavior demonstrated through tweets she released a few months ago and the brand reputation of ABC. Even John Schnatter, founder of Papa John's pizza, was forced to resign shortly after making derogatory racial remarks on a phone conference.

Do you or your managers monitor the behavior of your employees even if they're on their own time, on their own sites? If you have leaders under you who's behavior is contrary to what is considered acceptable or appropriate, do you say anything or ignore it, again, if it's done on their time, expressed on their social media sites? No one has time to oversee other people's behavior, I get it. However, in this age of transparency , where do you draw the line? How do you draw the line? Is the line detailed in an office policy?

I attached a link to my live broadcast on my Facebook Business page, Your Behavior Matters. Please click and view the video, make comments, and share if it was beneficial.

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