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ARE YOU READY TO GET R.E.A.L. (Reliable, Ethical, Authentic, Learner)™?


ARE YOU READY TO GET R.E.A.L.? Live 4 Change, LLC is offering an exclusive executive coaching program, Ready to Get R.E.AL. (Reliable, Ethical, Authentic, Learner),™ for leaders who are serious about getting to their next level in their organization.

Together, we will go through a series of processes designed to pinpoint the behaviors that are often overlooked and then we will develop a plan of action to make the necessary changes. You will improve and sharpen your leadership skill set, build more confidence, learn new behaviors, and communicate more effectively, just to name a few benefits.

This executive coaching program is a ten-week intensive requiring a minimum weekly 1- hour session. 

  • A Ten-week program designed to help you tackle the top 10 challenges most leaders struggle with such as change, communication, confidence and MORE!

  • These sessions are customized by you, therefore, they are for you.

  • No cookie-cutter one-size program.

  • We clearly identify, diagnose and reset internal barriers that hinder leaders from taking their organizations to the next level.

  • You will receive unlimited access to video content

  • You will have workbooks, audio sessions (where applicable)

  • You will receive both digital and physical materials

  • Replay videos/audio sessions will be available 


You will have what you need to break through barriers that limit your ability to change and be the change agent for your organization.